Call us: 905-724-1879

Hours of Operation: Weekends 10:00am - 6:00pm
2023 Opening Day: April 22


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable Cancellations made with more than 24 hours notice will incur a 10% cancellation fee No charge for rescheduling with more than 24 hour notice Reservations made within 24 hours of reservation date are non-refundable No discount will be given if renter returns early or picks up late  

When can we pick up the bikes

You can pickup the ebike oe bike at 9-10am & 1-2pm on the day of your rental.

Is a helmet included?

Each bike comes with a large, universal helmet that can be adjusted to fit a variety of heads. This is available to you at no extra charge, though we do charge a $40 replacement fee if a helmet is not returned or is severely damaged.

What are the rider requirements?

The rider must be know how to ride a pedal bike and is 18 years of age or older. They must have a valid drivers license or proof of id.

How do we pickup the bikes?

The pickup location is at 14460 Creditview Road, Caledon. One of our staff will be there to go over how to operate an ebike.

When do we return the bikes?

Bikes are due back in the drop-off zone of our location by the end of the time slot selected. Please remember to return the helmet and bike locks as well.

What if I get a flat tire?

If you happen to get a flat tire during your rental, contact us at the phone number in your confirmation email and we’ll take care of it. If we have other bikes available, we may have you switch for another.

What if my bike runs out of battery?

Our ebikes are rated to go 35-70 kms on a full charge. However, riders need to remember that these are bicycles, and some level of effort will be required in order to preserve your battery. While it’s tempting to use the twist throttle, this feature should be used sparingly, as it drains the battery much faster than any level of pedal assist. If you want to use the throttle, then we recommend using it for initial acceleration from a dead stop. Otherwise, we recommend mainly using the pedal assist and gear shifter to optimize the balance between your effort and battery life, especially given the local terrain and elevation changes. There are spare batteries for rent, if you would like the reinsurance of not running out.

What if it rains on the day of rental?

We suggest you monitor the weather forecast leading up to your rental. You can cancel any time before the 24 cut off window. If there is an extreme storm on the day of your rental you will be issued a credit to use the bike at a later date.

What if I damage the bike?

As part of our waiver, renters agree to pay for all damages incurred during their rental above normal wear and tear.

What if the bike is stolen?

During the period of the rental, the responsibility of securing the bike will fall to the renter. Bike locks are available with each bike at no additional cost. If you decide to park the bike and leave it, we recommend locking it to something that cannot be moved and wearing the key around your neck.

Do you have trail maps available?

Our rental location has maps that highlight nearby routes, activities, and attractions.

Do you sell bikes?

Yes, we sell Rad Power eBikes. Visit Rad Power eBikes to see what ebikes are available. We also occasionally cycle our bikes out of inventory, so if you are interested in buying one of our bikes, it never hurts to ask! Contact us for more information.

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