Bike Etiquette and Rules

  • Always ride with a helmet and proper footwear.
  • Take your time and always ride in a speed that you are comfortable with and which allows you to have full control of the eBike. Remember that bumps, holes, loose gravel and other obstacles could arise quickly, so ride slow enough to be in control for unexpected travel conditions.
  • Give the right away to pedestrians and hikers, especially with dogs.  Ring your bell and pass them very slowly on the left side.
  • Stop at all roadways and crossings and check for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Always ride in a single row on the far right side on the road or trail to provide ample room for vehicles and other cyclists to pass you (would you want a group of hikers walking side by side across your path to block your travel - be polite and let local traffic move unimpeded).
  • Do not make assumptions that you are visible. Make sure vehicles stop for you, especially at intersections. Ensure that the lights are operating if you are using the eBike at dusk or at night.
  • Do not operate the bike if you are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Stop your bike in a safe location if you need a refreshment and remember to stay hydrated.
  • Be sure to leave the eBike in a safe, secured location using a bike lock.
  • Choose an eBike route that fits your level and comfort of riding. Do not push yourself or the eBike too far because you will fail to enjoy the return trip. 
  • Achieve ultimate enjoyment from your eBike by following these rules and by dressing for weather conditions including wearing sun protection.

Be safe and enjoy!