The beautiful part of eBiking is that it allows every type of rider to experience the joys of biking and the outdoors with very little effort or experience needed. 

Our eBikes are user friendly and comfortable making them ideal for all types of riders.  The step through design of our eBikes, wide seats and pedal assist allows you to go further with less effort to explore all that Caledon has to offer.

Our eBikes have a battery operated motor providing power to the wheels when requested by either a hand operated throttle or by pedalling.  Each eBike is equipped with front and rear hand brakes that will stop the motor from assisting the wheels as soon as the brakes are engaged. 

At Caledon eBike Rentals we teach riders to use the hand operating throttle to initiate your ride and once you begin pedalling, use the controls to set how much assistance you want the motor to provide. Most of our riders prefer to ride in assistance level 2, with level 4 being the maximum assistance available. Our eBikes are also equipped with a walk assist button for the occasion when walking may be needed.